The best birthdays are not celebrated in a day -- but in two. Tune out of the ordinary and come experience all the super-fun things at 10-year-old Flamingo Entertainment Center on November 3–4!


On Saturday, November 3, we will hear the sets of two top artists, and compete for awesome prizes in the Flamingo Race! The contest, organized in cooperation with radio channel NRJ, has pairs of competitors complete fun tasks at race checkpoints. Some of the competitors will be chosen ahead of time, and others on the spot, so follow us on Facebook. The event will be hosted by NRJ's Jere Jääskeläinen.

On Sunday, November 4, we will celebrate with Marshall and Chase--which means that Paw Patrol will be there! Additionally, we will see local stars from Vantaa.

At the birthday celebration, we will also be distributing free balloons, spinning the wheel of fortune, and enjoying the birthday deals from Flamingo's restaurants, shops, and entertainment and wellness providers.

You are warmly welcomed to celebrate with us – after all, we have already had an extraordinary time together for 10 years!




Saturday, November 3, 2018
11.00 Mikko Harju
12.00 Evelina
12.00-14.00 Spin the wheel of fortune!
12.30-13.30 Flamingo Race
14.00 Evelina
15.00 Mikko Harju

Saturday 4.11.2018
12.00 Paw Patrol
12.30 Skene Musical Theater School
13.00-15.00 Spin the wheel of fortune!
13.00 Gymnastics performance, Sport Club Vantaa
14.00 Paw Patrol
15.00 Skene Musical Theater School
16.00 Paw Patrol