Opening hours

Flamingo Entertainment Center is open throughout the year and has extensive opening hours. Flamingo Entertainment Center's hotel is open 24/7. To check business-specific opening hours, go to the page of the business in question. You can also use the search function to find a store.


Shopping Centre Office
Open Mon-Fri 8–16


Olli Lehtoaro
Shopping Centre Director
Tel. +358 50 303 9206


Niina Taskin
Shopping Centre Manager
Tel. +358 44 486 3939


Tiina Heikkilä
Marketing Manager
Tel. +358 40 026 2503


Hannu Hirvonen
Facilities Manager
Tel. +358 500 814 810


Lost property and security
Tel. +358 50 590 2357


Property Maintenance
Tel. +358 50 326 5382




Flamingo Entertainment Center is located in Vantaa, on Ring Road III, in the immediate vicinity of Jumbo Shopping Centre. The Helsinki-Vantaa airport is just three kilometres away. The address is Flamingo Entertainment Center, Tasetie 8, Vantaa.

How to reach Flamingo

Flamingo Entertainment Centre's parking garage is available for 5 hours free of charge. There are 830 parking spaces, which are controlled by Aimo Park. Driving to the parking garage takes place from Tasetie, next to Flamingo's main entrance. Parking spaces reserved for hotel guests are marked separately with signs.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is only a few minutes away from Flamingo. Entertainment Centre is conveniently reached by airport buses numbers 561, 615 and 617. The bus stop is in the immediate vicinity of Flamingo along Väinö Tannerin tie. Another option is to take the I-train from Aviapolis train station and switch to the bus number 561 or 562

From morning to evening, Flamingo can be easily and conveniently reached with HSL's AB zone ticket and several buses within Vantaa. The bus stops are a short walk away along Tasetie, Lentoasemantie and Ring III.

Bicycle places can be found on Tasetie next to Flamingo main entrance and at the entrance along Rälssitie.
Vantaa City Bike Station is located at the main entrance on Tasetie. In addition, two city bike stations can be found near the main entrance of Jumbo Shopping Centre.

Electric car charging

Flamingo Entertainment Center's parking facility offers four spots for charging electric cars.The charging stations are maintained by Vantaa Energy. There is a fee for charging.

How to get to the charging points: When driving into Flamingo's parking facility, turn right (i.e. down the parking facility's ramp) at the first crossing after entry. Drive down the ramp and you will see the charging stations to the right of the exit. See more: